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Arch + Tower Plus Course Catalog

Creating Excellence in Your Workplace

In the Creating Excellence in Your Workplace series, Horst Schulze explains simple, no-nonsense approaches to creating excellence at work. Lessons include: Greeting; Follow Service Process; Customize; Memorable; Escort Guest; Eradicate Defects; Immaculately Clean; and Safety and Security.

Excellent Leadership

In the Leadership series, Horst Schulze explains how leaders can stay focused and grounded. Lessons include: Leading Yourself; What is Excellence?; Wisdom; Vision; Integrity; and No Desire to Lead.

Hospitality Simplified

In the Hospitaly Simplified series, Horst Schulze explains how to start defining hospitality in your life and in your work. Lessons include: Three Product Rules; Hospitality for Team Members; Behind the Scenes Work; and Problem Resolution.

Life Principles

In the Life Principles series, Horst Schulze shares personal stories to illustrate how he lives his life. Lessons include: Ritz-Carlton; Favorite Employees; Ladies and Gentlemen; Failure; Family; and Advice.

Service Standards

In the Service Standards series, Horst Schulze shares the standards he developed at the Ritz-Carlton, and explains how you can utilize them in your own work. Lessons include: Managing Yourself; Positivity; Dignity and Respect; Assist Each Other; and Answer Phone with a Smile.

Creating Team Culture

In the Creating Team Culture series, Jason Young shares ways to make your work more meaningful. Lessons include: Culture; Reach for Significance; Three Questions for a Stronger Business; Shift Work; Work vs. Home; and Why This is Important.

Harnessing the Guest Experience

In the Harnessing the Guest Experience series, Jason Young explains techniques to understand and improve how guests experience your work. Lessons include: Be Fully Present; Focus on a Feeling; Observe Details, Everything Communicates; Recover Quickly; Reject “Just Okay”; What a Guest Should Feel; Know the Guest, and Think Scene by Scene.

Sense of Ownership

Beth Romanoski explains how to take ownership of your work, and your life. Lessons include: Ownership; Think Like an Owner; Take Initiative; Team Player; Make it Better; and Take the Long Road.

Servant Leadership

Gerald Fadayomi is an Atlanta-based communicator with a passion
for inspiring students to have an active faith. Gerald is also the author
of “Before You Go,” a resource designed to help students grow in
their faith after high school.